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Patrick Gamble


Patrick started his musical journey at the age of 8 playing piano and then on to clarinet. At the age of 12, Patrick and his family would sit around the kitchen table playing all sorts of music from Gospel, Country, Rock-n-Roll and Blues. It was during this time he developed his vocal skills of harmony and background singing. Over the next ten years of his life he found a love and passion in music leading him to pursue a music education and career.

Patrick is not only a prolific bassist, but an accomplished guitar player and vocalist. While living in South Florida he played for local churches lending his talents to media production, sound and technical production. He is the original bassist for 1 Flight Down his musical perfection and very unique style of bass playing helped create an original style for the band. His meter is exceptional and the notes are always on the mark. Now married and living in Central Florida with his family he continues to play for local venues, churches and bands.




He is not only an original member of the band, but a true friend.


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