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Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis is a well-rounded musician who had a big pair of shoes to fill in this band. Taking over the role of the bass player of 1FlightDown is no easy task! With his head held high and a long music history as a foundation Ashley easily assumed the role helping the band stay consistent and musical.

Ashley began his journey in South Carolina majoring in the school of real life. His genre of music started listening to country music and building from there. There isn’t a band or song he hasn’t played a thousand times or at least listened to.

At the age of 14, Ashley started playing guitar and as the years churned on added bass and other instruments to his quiver of talent. He loves eating fried chicken and grits (probably why his fingers “slide” across the strings…..), hanging with family and friends, playing music and having fun.

Ashley is also a professional luthier. He builds and repairs all sorts of stringed instruments and is available to help you with anything you may need. Ashley has prided himself on his commitment to bands and has earned the title of “A one band man and a one man band.”

No matter where he is he is having fun!

For more info on Ashley’s luthier skills: A. Davis Guitar

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